Dating Older Women Cougars

While the age necessary to qualify as a cougar differs from source to source, for the purpose of this blog, we’ll stick to a 10 year or greater difference.

What really matters is that there’s a new wave hitting the dating scene, and that is the appreciation of older women by younger men, and vice versa. After all, both are just hitting their sexual prime. The connotation is that neither is looking for a long term commitment, though sometimes it happens. This raw sexual energy that flows between a cougar and her prey equates to a relationship that’s full of fun and passion.

Dating Older Women
After all, women age like fine wine, and it takes a special kind of man to fully appreciate the intricate tastes a cougar has to offer. This blog is meant to be a springboard to bringing the elusive cougar and even more elusive cougar bait together to fully enjoy each other.

Tips on Dating Older Women

Dating older women is having immense popularity. Not just the celebs, general people are showing keen interest in such relationships. I have assembled certain reasons about why this concept is getting popular.

Sexual Behaviour

According to certain study, women are getting sexually active in later parts of life and men are hitting earlier. Thus, the thought of dating older women is perfect. However, there will be certain differences in the approach that you will discover in bed, comparing with your intimacy with a young girl. Sexual characteristics of older woman will direct you during the action so better you are ready.

I also love the confidence of older women. They lose the apparent need to follow society’s orders that younger women sometimes have. Because of this, older women tend to have a directness and honesty that’s refreshing and exclusive just to them


Conceiving among older women is much lower compared to the younger women. Dating older woman is great as long as you just want to have enjoyable time. In case you want to have a baby in life, this relationship might not work for you. Thus, think well so that you do not have to regret your decision later.

Children also teach people how to set boundaries. This allows for more exciting and fulfilling relationships, because she’ll keep you honest. The honesty builds character and forces a man to be more authentic. Relationships that help one become a better person are the ones really worth having.

Also, because of her kids, she’ll know how to play. Flirting and playing is the same thing, so you can count on cougars having the best and most fun “game.”

Get Inputs and Suggestions

Older women are knowledgeable about men’s nature of calling the shots from the past relationships. If you too are of that kind who wants things to be done according to your wish, then you are wasting your time. If you want more inputs and choices from your partner then dating older woman can be a good decision.

I love how honest cougars are! They know what they want, and they have absolutely zero problem making their wants and needs clear. It’s refreshing to have such direct and explicit instruction on how to please a partner, and I haven’t been with an older woman who didn’t share this kind of openness with me.

Know What You Want

Not every older woman wants long term relationship. Some of them are on just for the sake of excitement where they can enjoy with a handsome partner. If you enjoy this kind of casual relationship, you can give it a go and have good enjoyment. The most important thing is to have a clear perception of exactly what you are looking for.


Older women are mostly skilful in their respective professional careers. Hence, they have lots of money and wealth. There is another part that wants to have family and not interested in building their career. If you date an old woman from the first group you can get great financial support while having partner from the second group means many financial commitment. Again, you have to be realistic with your choice.


Health is obviously the main concerning factor in case of a relationship with an older lady. Your partner will be more prone to illness and health problems due to age. If you commit to such relationship, you must take proper care and show unconditional love to your partner. There will be times when you have to deal with common physical problems of your partner such as menopause, mood swings, depression, anxiety, memory problems, etc.

Yeah, there’s some crazy hormones out there. Part of the package, but they’ll love you for it!

The above points are important if you are considering dating older woman.

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