Top 10 Online Dating Tips

Use Online Dating Services

Online dating services like eHarmony dramatically simplify the process of finding new people to date. Most have an extensive evaluation that you can take to help find prospective dates that would be compatible with you. You don’t even have to pay for the service to take their free evaluation and look at potential matches in your area.

Get Out From Behind The Computer

Too many people live behind the computer screen in their own virtual dating world instead of getting out and meeting people in person once they find someone they like. Behind the screen is your safety zone but the real you is the person you can touch, talk to, and do things with. Once you find someone to date online, get out there and meet them in person.

Take It 1 Step At A Time

Never rush into things. Many people have the tendency to jump into things too early, which just pre-empts everything and leaves both of you confused. Take the time to get to know someone better. Don’t just stick to one person at the beginning – compile a list of potential partners whose interests match yours. Then talk to them, communicate, and build lasting relationships so if dating does not work out at least you have a new friend.

Pay Attention

How would you like it if somebody just pretended to listen to you and wasn’t really paying attention? So in any conversation, don’t just throw out cheap replies that obviously show that you’re not really interested in what the other person is saying. Don’t let any details escape. Especially if you’re really serious about the person you’re chatting or conversing with, then listen to them well. Details make for good conversation, and you can always pick up a thing or to about the person you’re talking to when you listen well.

Ask Questions

Before you start a conversation online or on your first date, prepare a list of questions you can use to start conversations. It will ease the tension when meet someone for the first time whether online or offline.

Stick To Your Guns

Instead of relying solely on gut instinct, make a list of standards or criteria that you’re looking for in a potential partner. It may sound terribly impersonal to you, but you need to use your head first before you rush in with your heart. Cheesy, but this is true. Once you’ve selected a shortlist of people who closely fit your standards, then you can start establishing closer, more emotional relationships with them.

Safety First

When you are talking with potential dates online or meeting someone for the first time, keep personal information like your address, where you work, and home phone number private until you are comfortable enough with the person to trust them. Until you are, protect your personal information as much as possible.

Meet In A Public Place

When you start dating online it’s natural to want to be in your comfort zone like in your home, apartment, or living space but public places are best for first date’s. When you meet in a public place there will always be someone near buy that could help you if you are distressed or harassed on your date in any way.

Be Yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone else and don’t make up fabricated stories about your life. You may not get caught immediately, but someone will eventually see through your lies and your whole house of cards will come crashing down. And isn’t it better if someone falls in love with you because (or in spite of) who you are?

Don’t Kiss And Tell

Respecting another’s privacy will also help you gain the other person’s trust, so the both of you will have fewer inhibitions and can be more open in communicating and talking to each other. Being open leads to a better relationship, so if you are looking for something serious, then this is the path you should walk on.

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